Kunal progresses from ‘just fitness’ to ‘overall wellbeing’. Angamardana gives him a transformative perspective of body and mind

I wanted more flexibility in my body and better concentration while doing my sadhnas. The overall program was fabulous. I could never imagine just three sessions would change the entire perception about life. Ever since I was a child, I was engaged in some sports like swimming, skipping and gym but Angamardana is something else.

It’s not just about fitness. It’s about overall well-being.

The way Vishakha ma’am conducts her classes, the way she motivates is incredible. I loved the sessions. She was extremely motivating. The first session I took was for about 2 hours and it seemed like 30 minutes which was pretty awesome. Her teaching, hear learning really gave me a new direction towards life. After attending Inner Engineering (Shambhavi meditation) at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore and practicing Shambhavi for about 50 days, I was feeling “what next” and I met Vishakha ma’am. I had no idea about Angamardana. She chose the best course for me and I got all my answers for what next.

Post Program benefits: Practices are going awesome. Postures I could never dream of doing, I am able to do them ease! Flexibility has enhanced! Even the balance has gone up really well.

Kunal Mohan,
Touched by Sadhguru, Deep gets back on Yogamat to seek the wonders of Isha Classical Hatha Yoga and deepen his Art of music

I got to know about Isha through Sadguru’s articles and videos. His teachings really touched me deeply and I decided to do 21 days Hatha Yoga program in Isha Ashram Coimbatore. It was a wonderful experience. I was full of life and joy after 21 days. Unfortunately I was unable to continue the practices due to tight work schedule. Few weeks ago I decided to start it all over again and was looking for Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher in Gurgaon to revise it again. Fortunately I found Vishakha’s contact through Isha Website. The moment I had a word with her I was delighted to see her concern and willingness to share.

I feel very much fortunate to have come in contact with her. I could see so much willingness and concern in her to teach, that made this learning much easier and beautiful. She gave me very precise corrections and guidelines which I was actually looking for. I would say after taking sessions from her, my approach towards yoga has improved a lot. The best thing is her guidance is not limited just to the sessions, she is always there to help in every possible way. I look forward to continue this journey with her for she is a really great teacher and a wonderful human being. Feeling blessed 🙂 . Though I always find it difficult to do justice to what I feel with words. Still I have tried. I am very grateful to you Vishakha. Thank you so very much.

Dhyan Deep,
Singer, Artist
Commitment is the first step to continuity and Dr. Roli promises it

The experience was wonderful. I am full of gratitude for my teacher Vishakha. The way she conducted the whole session was effortless and perfect. Each and every aspect was explained so beautifully and the way Surya kriya was taught am sure one wouldn’t be able to forget it. The only way to thank her would be to practice the Surya kriya religiously and so I promise.

Dr. Roli Tewari,
Dental surgeon at Swami Amardev Hospital, Pataudi
Vipin walks out with a new experience and clarity. Yoga it is.

It was wonderful experience with right content, teachings were well designed and well focus and taught in very simple yet powerful way. Overall training was a complete new experience, at a right pace and right mindset, which helped me to clear lots of doubts.

Vipin Kumar,
Details matter. Sunil agrees

The entire program has been well designed and very professionally managed. I liked the various email communications, forceful and persuasive, punctuality, eye for details.

Sunil Kumar,
Johnson & Johnson
Experiences are born out of involvement and Yoga is a good place to begin

It was a wonderful workshop, I enjoyed the experience. Vishakha is an excellent teacher and she made sure that each one of us understood the program well and derived maximum benefit out of it. I’m so glad I was a part of it.

Maharishi experiences Yoga in its depth

It was a wonderful experience for me. Teacher was efficient and clear in her instructions. Surya kriya is definitely a powerful process. I could feel it in my bones.

Maharishi Gaur,
Rachna reveres the yogic practice of tremendous antiquity and dedicates herself to it

Learning Surya Kriya from you was a great experience. We have taken other courses also but the way you handled me step by step was really helpful in the sense that when I am practicing I somehow feel that I am still learning from you and if I take a wrong step I will be told where I had been wrong so in a way I feel more confident each day. You as a teacher have mastered your skills so much that you know where your shishya will make a mistake and the way you teach step by step taking great care of your student. Somehow you understand the comfort level of your student and you teach them accordingly. Your time management is perfect. I felt privileged to have been taught by you and this is not to flatter you but really I am enjoying my practice because I know each step and I can recall at each step how and what you said and its importance too. Vishakha ji you are a great teacher and a wonderful person also. Thank you.

Rachna Devgun,
North Delhi
Rohit finds a fulfilling experience to take his Hatha Yoga practice to the next level

I had the opportunity to get my Surya Kriya practice corrected by Vishakha recently. I must say she was very meticulous and made us go through the entire practice highlighting every minute detail of it. The tips given by her made it easier for me to incorporate the corrections. The best part is she gives personal attention and is easily reachable for giving practice related advices.

Rohit Vashishth,
Manager Sales & Marketing
Ritwick starts Surya Kriya to explore higher dimensions of body and mind

I want to achieve greater control over the body and mind. In the program there was great focus on the fine aspects of Kriya- Surya Kriya.

Shweta explores the power that the human body is endowed with to achieve mastery over her inner and physical dimensions

Being architects of our own bodies it’s of immense significance to reach higher dimensions of Yoga to achieve mastery over your physical being and what more you can ask for when there are exceptionally well trained Hatha Yoga Teachers like Vishakha round the corner ! Learning “Angamardana”- an intense Hatha Yoga practice from her made me discover my true inner potentials and explore the power that the human body is endowed with.

Truly an unforgettable experience.

Practices are going great!!!!

Post Program benefits: I am feeling a lot of change in my body. Earlier bending and twisting were task for me but now it’s fun as flexibility has improved multi folds. I have also reduced extra weight.

Shweta Vaish,
Optical Business Owner
Rajan explores Yogasanas and discovers the transformations in himself

Overall experience is above expectations. Already started to realize the transformation in myself by the end of the workshop. Vishakha and her methods are both perfect. Lot of positivity in her and the way she conducts the sessions. Wishing Yogamat a great success.

One word for YOGAMAT :
TRANSFORMATION – “From what we are to what we can become”.

And as truly said transformation should happen under proper guidance and environment, “yogamat” is the place for it.

Learned Yogasanas from Vishakha and the upliftment my body, mind and overall system have achieved within such a short period is above all expectations and words to describe.

Highly thankful to Vishakha and her Yogamat for “letting me experience what all is there to achieve beyond limitations.”

Rajan Gupta,
Business- Raj Infra Projects
Ankit plunges into Angamardana and commences his journey to fitness and discipline

I want to derive physical fitness from this program- Angamardana. It was perfect. I was able to receive it in a short duration of time. I am grateful to my teacher. The dedication she has to teach is what I needed. Thank you for discipline and guidance. The impact she made is spot on the target.

Ankit Sandhu,
Self employed, Business
Prathibha enhances corporate productivity, builds resilience and awakens her body

As corporate marketing professional and married working woman my lifestyle gives very minimal time for exercise or personal pursuits. Most days, managing even thirty minutes of jog in park is disrupted by unexpected traffic day, late calls, terrible weather or just temptation to watch TV instead. Upa-Yoga has given me bout of activity and physical flexibility much needed for my lifestyle. The best part is the fact that I can do it at home, anytime, without hassle. It makes me feel light and alive. I have actually been more energetic and am able to work longer hours. It has enhanced my domestic and professional productivity, without having to resort to midday naps on weekends. I owe almost all of this to “Yogamat” and Vishakha who is not just a wonderful teacher but a great personal example. She is highly mature, comes from a corporate background and understands the nuances of what I without having to explicitly mention. She highly inspirational, patient with my pace and physical fitness and has walked the extra mile to get me to this stage where I want to take up Upa-Yoga a lot more.

I love rolling out my Yogamat!

Prathibha Ryali,
Corporate Marketing Professional
Tapesh feels rejuvenated and gets more aware of his body

Prior to coming in contact with Vishakha, I was introduced to Sadhguru by one of my close friends and after following his videos and blogs, I started doing Isha Kriya.

After practising it for a few months, I felt the need to explore more as my mind and body wanted to know more. I have an analytical and scientific approach to things and was pleasantly, amazed at the Science of Yoga.

I decided to learn Surya Kriya after reading Sadhguru‘s blogs on it. Since learning from a teacher is a different experience than learning things online, I started looking for a teacher and to my luck I was directed to Vishakha. At first, I had a beautiful telephonic conversation with her and felt instantly connected. She enrolled me in her Surya Kriya program in which I felt more receptive both psychologically and physically receptive to the practices. The teaching style opened me up to learning the asanas better.

I was an athlete but was surprised by the fact that after practising Surya Kriya I became more aware of the body.

Vishakha not only taught me the practices but also refined the way I did them in the minutest form. After completing the Surya Kriya Program I feel rejuvenated and am becoming more aware of my body. Ma’am has not only become my teacher but also an inspiration to continue to prepare my body to be more receptive and aware.

I like getting on to my Yogamat.

Tapesh Raghav,
Student, Law
Geetam immerses in Surya Kriya and notices shifts in body and mind

Best thing was that during the full program duration there was not a single moment of distraction so it was done in such a way that it kept me so much mentally alert. Everything was done with such a a good pace which could be imbibed nicely.

Some benefits noticed during the program were more energy, ease within mind and body, less irritation and happy feeling. Overall experience: very good.

Geetam Baveja,
Rahul reduces friction in body, finds inner balance and glides through his intense physical regimen

I feel light throughout the day with very less friction in body. My energy level has increased significantly and my food requirement has come down. I find it very difficult to wake up in the morning and now I automatically wake up at 6:00 AM without any difficulty. I am also happier and peaceful throughout the day. Teaching style, attention to detail and the level of explanation provided  regarding Surya Kriya are the most vital aspects.

“Thanks Vishakha. It was an amazing experience learning from you. I really appreciate the level of detail, attention, guidance and motivation provided by you during last 3 days. I believe it was one of the best investments(Time/Money) of my life and you are my first real Guru 🙂

I feel super energetic and surprisingly there is no pain in my body even after rigorous practice for 3 consecutive days.”

Rahul Malik,
Corporate Strategy Professional
Ankit plugs into powerhouse. Remains active all day

The way every detail has been taken care of is amazing in the Program for Classical Hatha Yoga. Perfection of the program is amazing. My teacher was very polite and did good in passing this process to me. She kept on asking me about doubts that I may have and clarified them all.

I learned Surya Kriya and immediately I can feel the inner transformation that is happening.Vishakha Rana is the best teacher I have I ever met. She took great care that I learn it properly and practice it perfectly. I am really impressed by her dedication to pass on this process in all its details. I am happy I met her. I would love to learn more Hatha Yoga for sure. Thank you.

Ankit Sandhu,
Self employed, Business
Aakash loses undesired flesh, acquires discipline, feels well within

Thank you Vishakha. At physical level I have shed fat by a bit and at a spiritual level I have started feeling very good. This is all because of you Ma’am! Without a single thought I wake up at sharp 6:00 AM and after doing Surya Kriya, I wait for the next day for the Sun to rise.

“Surya Kriya program was one of a kind experience which is indescribable and the roots of changes you developed in me are what nobody can take away from me. I can not describe all these in words but the joy I felt in the program and also after would surely cultivate a joyful life ahead of me. Thank you so much.”

Aakash Sidana,
Professional Services
Body is now a support not a barrier for Rajesh

I feel light in body. It acts as a support and not barrier anymore. Surya Kriya has given flexibility and lightness within my system. My intake of food has also come to balance. I am losing unnecessary inches and weight is starting to get optimized. I want to now move to next level of learning more Classical Hatha Yoga practices including Mantra Yoga and Nada Yoga. Thank you Vishakha.

Rajesh Bajaj,
Shivani finds inner balance in her journey of Yoga.

As it is rightly said “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”. I was introduced to Classical Hatha Yoga by Vishakha at the time when I was at the lowest in my life. Yoga helped me to make peace with my inner self. Yoga is really the art of waking up, self acceptance, embracing and liberating oneself from all fears and demons. I owe all of it to Vishakha and Yogamat for this. She has been an incredibly patient, forbearing and determined teacher. I thank her heart and soul for introducing me to the practices of Classical Hatha Yoga from Isha.

Yoga is freedom. Happiness is Yoga.

Shivani Gupta,
Kshitij gets ready to activate the Sun within and explores Surya Kriya

A very powerful yogic kriya which requires a certain subtleness to transmit is now here; in the right hands and in its purest form. It should be a part of everyone’s life. Know the source of creation- fire up the sun within!

Kshitij Shokeen,
Amvvika gets her perfect medium to start Yoga

I wanted to start my Yoga journey and this has been the perfect medium to do that. I feel more energetic, peaceful and calm. It has been a wonderful experience and I will be learning more practices. Teaching style was perfect. It helped me in focussing my attention and kept me interested at all times.
Program: Surya Kriya and Nadi Shuddhi.

Amvvika Bhandari,
Ajay takes a leap to deepen the cleansing of five elements through Bhuta Shuddhi

I wanted to learn Bhuta Shuddhi to uplift my spiritual process. I went into a meditative state after this process. Vishakha is a spiritual soul and it’s my ultimate experience to learn Bhuta Shuddhi from her. The teaching style and practices were excellent in the program.

Ajay Kumar Maurya,
Vaishali, Ghaziabad
Panika sharpens her focus, gains physical fitness and inner strength.

Surya Kriya has given me inner strength and perseverance that enables me to remain determined to achieve my goals. I really want to thank Vishakha for teaching this practice that in turn helped me realise that inner strength is equally important as physical wellness. During my preparation days for ugcnet, I used to do it daily for relaxing and refreshing myself.

I like rolling my yogamat and opening up my mind.

Panika Jain,
Student - Economics, Aspiring Research Scholar
Preeti starts Isha Upa-Yoga and awakens her system

The teaching style is very detailed and gives very clear understanding on the practices. Also, my teacher was very patient with me and taught passionately. Overall experience was very good.

Preeti Mehra,
Kanchan dips into a spiritual experience of Bhuta Shuddhi

Vishakha is glowing personality. She was absolutely fine teacher, loved the way she conducted the class and was ready to help us in any we would need her expertise.

Kanchan Wali,
Home Maker
A teacher never stops learning. Surya Shakti is her new exploration.

I appreciate teaching methodology of Isha teacher Vishakha. She taught the poses with correct adjustments very nicely.

Participant- Surya Shakti,
Self-employed, Yoga Teacher
New Delhi
Sanjay happily surmounted back pains and imbibed Surya Kriya. He thanks Sadhguru deeply.

I feel it was a life changing experience. I have been following Sadhguru for a while, got drawn into his most worthy effort for our rivers, was involved as a volunteer at the culmination event of RFR at Delhi. Despite reservations on account of lower back pains, decided to join the Surya Kriya program. Thanks to Vishakha for bearing with me and allowing me late registration. I am very happily surprised to have been able to successfully complete the program, under expert and very specific tutelage – on the same lines as Sadhguru’s opinion on how it should be transmitted and followed. I look forward to reaping benefits of this program. Will definitely persuade my other family and friends to do this course and be benefited by it. I feel blessed to be one way or the other being guided by Sadhguru and his deep knowledge.

Sanjay Gulati,
Business - Interact Holidays Pvt Ltd
Shagun expresses her gratitude and finds the experience of learning Yoga fulfilling

I truly appreciate the format of the Surya kriya session conducted by the teachers. The whole process of teaching was well-thought out and well-executed, leaving no room for error or doubt in the minds of audience.
Vishakha is an excellent teacher. Her focus, dedication and seriousness towards imparting her knowledge is exemplary which spills over her students and inspires them to show equal commitment to the session. She puts everyone at ease to ask as many questions. Overall a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. Looking forward to more such workshops/sessions in future.

Shagun Ahuja,
Chanchal takes home inner peace and calm

It was incredible experience with Yogamat. It was not only about learning Surya kriya but much more than that. Even the first day, I felt myself connected with an energy that made me feel more relaxed, calm and connected to myself than ever before. When I was there, I felt an inner peace and a silence within my heart. And the most wonderful thing was that I remained with that condition of inner peace even after coming back from the program. I am looking forward to making Surya Kriya as an essential part of my daily life. I am very thankful to teachers for their support.

Chanchal Meena,
Swati finds a new experience in Hatha Yoga and creates discipline to stick to it

The session was really awesome as I had never experienced this practice in my past. To attend the session, I missed my late night office party and pushed myself in the morning to be on time. The efforts that I took to attend the session was worth it. Teachers have done really awesome job beyond the expectation. They taught us so patiently by explaining each step with minute details and make us to understand easily. I just loved the way teachers taught us and demonstrated the posture. Thank you so much.

Swati Sharma,
Software Developer
Harsh thanks Sadhguru for new realizations through Yoga

These sessions just relieved ‘ME’ from me. I just felt like moving into the self-realisation of my body and how I can make myself at peace. Really want to thank ‘Sadhguru‘ for make this session happen (it’s been just a month only that I started following him). Special thanks to Vishakha ma’am for helping me to know my body and myself. It was really a transforming three-days where I started to know how the patterns of the body and self.

Harsh Sharma,
Bakery Business
Anurag steps into Hatha Yoga and determines to continue

To summarise in one word, it is awesome! The way Vishakha has explained each and every step along with live demonstration and corrections, its gets imbibed in one’s life very easily. I hope to practice my kriya regularly and look forward to attending more sessions on other practices like Yogasanas in future.

Anurag Vaish,
Optometrist, Vaish Eye Clinic
Kanupriya understands the power of continuity of Yoga

Experience was wonderful. The last day of the program was very impactful. I could feel the energy flow within me. My body was relaxed and active and I hope if the three- day program has brought change in me, regular practice of Surya Kriya will surely do wonders. Thank you Teachers.

Kanupriya Sachdeva,
Devangi enjoyed the organized efforts

It was very well organised session. The teachers were quite supportive and explained each and every information very nicely . Thank you Isha and the teachers for their effort in organizing this program.

Devangi Choudhary,
Software Engineer
Roma is deeply touched. After-all it begins from within

The program was overwhelming. More than the outer well-being, it makes us stronger from the inside. And the way it is done giving full attention to ourselves really does make a difference.

Roma Gadodia,