REGISTRATION CLOSED FOR PROGRAMS. Non-refundable Programs. You must check with us for spot availability at the time of your registration.


Please complete the registration formalities to confirm your program(s). This is
a mandatory process before starting the program. Please call at +91. 9910236094
or email at for any query or information.

How to Register

  1. You must check for spot availability by contacting us before initiating the registration process. In case of unavailability of the spot, registration will not be accepted.
  2. You must read the terms and conditions (<– click here to read) before initiating the process of registration and payment of program fees. By registering for the program and payment of program fees, you deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.
  3. Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-adjustable except as per the terms and conditions, under any circumstance.
  4. Rights to your registration and participation are reserved by Yogamat. The decision of Yogamat in this regard is final and no claim shall be entertained by or on behalf of Yogamat in respect of refusal and/or cancellation of registration.
  5. Registration is complete only after the fee is paid: your participation in the program will be confirmed/is confirmed only after the entire program fee is paid.
  6. You shall receive a confirmation note for your spot via email from We use third-party services for the payment of the program fee.

Important: It is advised that any participant with major or minor surgery done, the condition of pregnancy, hernia,  any physical ailment, any mental condition are requested to consult with Yogamat before proceeding to register. Any participant under the age of 18 should consult with us before registering as we would need the consent of the parent/guardian for the participation.

Anybody with age 14 below, please consult with Yogamat before registering


For example: Hernia, Neck, Hip or Back disease, Dislocations, Joint replacements, Injury, Depression, Anxiety, Diabetes, Heart ailments or any other ailment that is not mentioned here. Please give details of the nature and duration of the condition and if you are currently undergoing any treatment. It must be noted that it is very important to consult about health conditions before proceeding with the registration for any of the Hatha Yoga Program(s) with us.





Before you proceed for the payment of the fee, please ensure to read our "refund and cancellation policies, attendance guidelines and other terms". The registration fee is non-refundable except as provided in our refund policies' section that you can refer to. Payment method to complete the last step of registration: After you submit this form, you will be directed to the page where you can pay the program fee. In case of non-payment of the fee, the registration is not accepted. Once completed, please ensure to inform us.

I agreeI hereby willingly undertake to attend this program completely. I hereby confirm that I understand the nature of the program. I take full responsibility for the results of the program and undertake not to raise any claims against Yogamat, its organizers, its affiliates or any person related to Yogamat with respect to the results. *
I agreeI have read and understood the participation guidelines, terms and conditions and agree to follow them. I take full responsibility for the result and indemnify the organizers against all claims and suits. I undertake that I will not communicate the contents of the program, either directly or indirectly to anyone else. I hereby declare that the above information is true, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.*