November 21, 2017

Meet Joy, the achiever in “stillness”

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Joy. Not a “transient” emotion but a breathing “expression of life”.

So far, we have known “Joy” only on certain occasions and then forgotten about it. As much as it planted itself right there after that first sweet-greeting with us, we still discount its presence. Yet, we seek it every moment.

The doorbell rang on my birthday this year as I was gliding through the day reminiscing the moments when I was a baby, then a girl and then became a woman and then “The New Girl.” I received this tiny, long-legged, baby-like plant, standing firm on its foundation, rooted inside a small pot. It looked gentle but fearless.

I was hoping for bright flowers that morning from the one who sent this birthday present but received this plant that I was clueless what to do with. Nevertheless, I welcomed it and ran my eyeballs end-to-end across my room to find space where it could be lodged. Next morning as I woke up it had found its place just outside my room with the help of my sister.

With the enhanced awareness that Yoga continues to cultivate in my system, support of my spiritual practices and learning from Sadhguru, I have started experiencing life exuding out of everything. As if every particle in the creation is beaming with its unique existence; a potent presence; quite relatable yet unfathomable. With this sense of recognition of vivid-life in this plant too, I made sure it was well watered and fed with the sunshine it needed to thrive.

As my association with the one who gifted this plant started to dim rapidly, my attention from Joy also started to dim, literally. By the way he was not named Joy until recently. I was trying to forget about this plant to obliterate memories of fading friendship with its sender. My sister started to tend to Joy.

Days passed. One morning as I woke up, I saw some parts of Joy missing. All the leaves it had grown on some of its stems were scattered in its pot. It disturbed me to see this condition of his; almost a reflection of what was going on within me, emotionally, but Joy still seemed to be stable, untouched and standing tall with whatever was left of him. I left for my trip to South India with slight guilt of not being able to help this tiny plant that was sitting outside my room, with broken parts.

At my destination, in the middle of the majestic mountains, tranquil cows, glowing Sun and inviting greens, I discovered a powerful explosion of life within me that seemed to be crossing physical boundaries and merging with all that I could see with naked eyes and all that was not within my vision but was present in my spiritual experience. The plants, trees, water, breeze, mountains, pebbles and rocks oozed light and love with deep stillness and wide-embrace for those who are open to receiving it. Long and solitary walks, Yoga-sadhna and unspoken communication with the creator were opening up avenues of self-exploration for me.

The cracks within me were guzzling the light offered by this unified and benevolent Creation. My eyes gushed tears and “Devotion” engulfed me; for the pure source of energy; the magnificent Creator of my life and that of each one’s.

With this healed and rejuvenated self as I returned home, I saw Joy standing right where I had left him; thriving and beaming with life. I smiled and said hello. It did remind me of past memories of waning friendship. I contemplated moving Joy with other plants where it would stand hidden, yet flourish, away from the mundane memories of its identification with someone.

Just as I’d only thought about replacing Joy with lull, I heard him coo and look at me with eyes reflecting one the deepest lessons of YogaUnion; the one I had recently experienced and returned home. Union with existence, with life, with myself, with creations that exist regardless of where they came from, where they will return to. Union; by breaking another limitation of identification of Joy with some occasion, some person, some thing or some object. To keep Joy in its well-deserved place, where it belongs— within us.

With this new-found union, I noticed that Joy had grown leaves back on its damaged parts; once again, reflecting what was going on within me; growth, healing and recognizing the “Joy” that was always there…unmoved, unwavered, untouched by external storm, rejections, disappointments and judgement.

Just as the same time and when Joy and I were trudging through tough times, he choose to strive to grow through the damage, push through the pain, draw closer his vision of fulfilling its purpose; all of this with no speck of complaint or questions.

Besides numerous lessons that Joy continues to teach me, the stellar-five I have learned so far are:

  1. Internal balance is free of external circumstances: friendships can fade, relationships can fail, systems can falter, jobs can crash, life can flip or any other situation can creep in- Joy remains stable and where it belongs. Tune into it rather than seek it, endlessly.
  2. Creator is benevolent: just trust: there is immense power in control as well as in freedom; just depends on who holds what. Let that be in the control of creator, that is for it to manage and you enjoy the power in that freedom. No one has ever accomplished anything great in hurry or with the force of action. Allow your efforts to merge with the generosity of the Universe and trust the process.
  3. Establish the right foundation and then act: With strong foundation, the right action is born. There are several ways to create inner well-being. Yoga and Mediation are the most fundamental and transformative mechanics to bring ultimate balance to the human system. Explore it. In the state of ultimate relaxation you will notice healthy decisions are made, consequently producing the right outcomes.
  4. Joy identifies with nothing but life: the relationship that Joy and I now share is free of external circumstances. It is liberating to embrace Joy knowing it never belonged it to its sender nor it is in ownership of receiver. It does not identify with titles, jobs, wealth, race, gender but just life.
  5. Joy grows if “You” grow: what you feed is what you grow. Spend time in your internal growth and progress. Those who prosper have a common trait- they spend time in feeding themselves with positive energy. Start your day with gratitude and terminate the thoughts of the past and anxieties of the future. How? Explore Yoga.

Joy lives “Yoga” and thus feels union with every creation of the Universe. It has a deep sense of compassion for human race and therefore creates no wall of “You” and “I” and continues to live its purpose; to do what needs to be done- unmoved, untouched by external situations.

It grows, thrives and flourishes; trusting the creator, regardless of external judgement, opinions and evaluations. Apparently, Joy established Yoga within its roots just as it was preparing to open its eyes to the world. No wonder, it stays still despite the clamor it faces outside.

Meet my Joy- Share yours with me.

Joy planted Yoga and Yoga is Union.

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