At a fundamental level, Yoga is a way of being. A healthy body and  balanced mind culminate into an efficient individual and an enthusiastic leader that the world needs to run nations and organizations.-Vishakha


Yoga is a remarkable tool to navigate through busy and fast-paced life. Conducted at your workplace, Hatha Yoga practices bring health, dynamism, and vibrancy and work as a potent tool to cope with the hectic pace of corporate life.


At Yogamat Life, we have been training numerous people from all walks of life including Corporate leaders and have been consistently conducting group workshops for notable organizations including Fortune 500s. 


Top Workplace Stressors:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Performance pressure
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Multi-tasking environment
  • Lack of mental focus
  • Stress-related disease burden
  • Managing work and personal issues

Rapidly rising ailments:

  • Frequent backaches
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity/Overweight
  • Joint and Muscle immobility
  • Anxiety and mild depression
  • Cardiovascular ailments


There is enough confirmation that Yoga plays a significant role in easing out stress, relieving or obliterating lifestyle disorders, creating mental wellbeing and establishing physical fitness. Besides these most evident benefits, Yoga plays a deeper role in re-organizing one’s system leading to diverse benefits of varied nature.


Vishakha Rana, an ex-Corporate Leader and now a qualified and experienced Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher has been recognized for her teaching skills, consultative and compassionate approach with outcomes through these practices that have helped hundreds of people.

” Ms. Vishakha Rana is a very committed trainer of Isha Foundation. She has an innate ability to connect with participants of different age and background. She conducts the training program in a very engaging way. She possesses a very high level of coaching skills. Through crisp and clear instructions; she helps the participants grasp the techniques quickly. Her endeavor is to help participants learn the techniques right the first time. After having led a successful career in Corporates she has devoted full time to spreading the message of Sadhguru. Her journey on the path of Hathyoga is really inspirational.”

Vikrant Chitale – Corporate Regional Manager North, Thermax Limited

“It was my first experience of Yoga in any form and I am glad it was through our corporate program. Starting with Yoga Namaskar really felt like as if a bottle of soda was opened inside me. I really felt the release of energy bubbles in my body and that’s just one session. Thanks to my organization for getting me introduced to yogic practices of Hatha Yoga. I must also thank Vishakha for helping us understand these practices and their impact on mind, body, and soul.”

Nitin Mathur, Manager- IBM

We impart Classical Hatha Yoga programs that particularly target the needs of corporate professional considering all aspects of physical fitness and holistic wellness. Within that realm, we focus on imparting tools through yoga that can help you not only stay well but also boost your performance, handle difficult situations with calmness, prevent lifestyle diseases, enhance productivity and infuse a culture of holistic wellness within yourself.


There are a variety of Hatha Yoga practices for wellbeing and success. To consult or book an introductory session at your organization, please write to us at or call us at +91. 99102 36094.


These introduction sessions comprise speaking engagement on scientific understanding of authentic yoga, its deep connection with the obliteration of stress, enhancing productivity, aspects of chemical balance in the system, memory, and concentration as well as teaching basic yet powerful practices of Hatha Yoga that can be done at your workplace. We enable you with post work-shop support on these. 


Explore Classical Hatha Yoga with Yogamat.