November 21, 2017

Meet Joy, the achiever in “stillness”

Joy. Not a “transient” emotion but a breathing “expression of life”. So far, we have known “Joy” only on certain occasions and then forgotten about it. As much as it planted itself right there after that first sweet-greeting with us, we still discount its presence. Yet, we seek it every moment. The doorbell rang on … Continue reading “Meet Joy, the achiever in “stillness””

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July 1, 2017

Activate the Sun within You.
Explore Surya Kriya

It’s “that” new sunrise that could transform your life. There is a significant shift from physical health to holistic wellness as we are realizing that harmony between body, mind and energy systems is essential for creating a fulfilling life and bringing the best out of us. Yoga addresses the various facets of human system as … Continue reading “Activate the Sun within You.
Explore Surya Kriya”

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May 23, 2017

Break Your Limitations

You can stand in your own way as a barrier or empower yourself towards higher possibilities. Being bound by limitations of physical or mental nature we may end up only aspiring for our goals and dreaming about our desires. Are we really bound by limitations that we cannot address or have we created them due … Continue reading “Break Your Limitations”

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April 12, 2017

Failure: Embrace. Not Ostracize.

“Failures are unavoidable unless you start living so vigilantly, that you automatically prevent living and hence, have already failed.” In the pit of the dark, there lurked a spark The abyss of nothingness lead to explosions of mess The saints seemed gone, devotion screamed till dawn The fall was hard, tatters sprawled too far apart … Continue reading “Failure: Embrace. Not Ostracize.”

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