If you learn to use this body as an instrument, it is the most fantastic and powerful instrument on the planet. Yoga is towards realizing this.-Sadhguru

While the journey to wellness often begins with seeking physical health benefits, it naturally takes a turn towards other dimensions such as mental health and inner dimensions. Staying well encompasses all facets of a human system; body, mind and emotions.

With the goal of bringing focus back on the most powerful system of wellness, Yogamat aims at imparting Hatha Yoga in its authentic form. Behind Yogamat’s existence rests the intentions of empowering each individual to create a healthy and harmonious life encompassing their personal, professional, social and spiritual goals.

Physical wellness and inner wellbeing is a dynamic foundation to help one embark on the journey of self-exploration and reach their full potential. This is where the best within one naturally flows out.

Our Mission:

Yogamat’s mission is to cultivate the mindset of “wellbeing- the Yogic way.” It is one’s unique space, a step beyond just physical fitness to a “state of complete wellness.” Yogamat is driven by inspired action and relentless determination to reach out to the community and empower individuals to experience transformative benefits in body, mind and inner dimensions through the profundity of “Yoga.” Yogamat stands for personal growth, inclusiveness and human potential and aims at helping people explore theirs’, through Classical Hatha Yoga.

Yogamat literally is the first step.