I broke my limitations some of which were unknown to me. Not just my body, emotions and life stabilized, a fundamental shift occurred within me.

I became ‘The New Girl’, Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher-Kadambini (earlier known as Vishakha) 

It is a privilege to receive a name from Sadhguru. Vishakha has been recently named by Sadhguru as “Kadambini.”


The Multi-dimensional Corporate Cabin:

Kadambini shifted gears from a fast-paced, corporate life into finding her full expression and calling in the path of Yoga. Having served corporate sector successfully for over eleven years in Leadership positions as a Business Management professional, she progressed from blue chip organizations and Fortune 500s such as IBM, Fortis healthcare, Marcus Evans into conceiving Yogamat. Being recognized for her professional contributions, she has been graced with prestigious Global IBM Forward THINKer and Innovation Champion awards besides other appreciation awards in respective organizations. She has an all-around experience of working in the multi-cultural corporate environment in various geographies such as United States of America and India catering to Global clients in diverse settings across the Middle East, Australia and UK in the arena of Marketing Management, Client and Public Relations.

She is multi-dimensional and loves to pursue her interests as life to her is “Now.” She is a published writer, sports-person, traveler, Toastmasters’ speaker, storyteller and occasional sketcher.


Shift in perspectives and then, path:

In her aspiration and vision to contribute towards human well-being, she started to explore authentic yogic practices and bumped into blogs by Sadhguru, Founder, Isha Foundation. This was the starting point of her journey to Yoga and inexplicable transformation in her life. With shifts in her way of being, she explored the joy of the true nature of a human being and that became possible only through Isha Hatha Yoga.

Considering her preliminary understanding of the Isha Foundation, she decided to learn Yoga and become a Hatha Yoga Teacher. She was driven to learn Yoga in its most classical form and felt blessed to learn it from a living master. She had set out to attain the physical benefits that she had imagined Isha Hatha Yoga would offer, but little did she realize that her Hatha Yoga practices were working at a much deeper and fundamental level. Her life improved so dramatically that they captured her attention with the conspicuous changes she started to notice in her disposition towards people, situations, and life in general.


“Being a skeptic, these are no ordinary changes I experienced. They underwent innumerable quality tests and hit success. It seems that a beautiful seed of grace was planted within me right from the point of the first contact with Sadhguru that was further nurtured by Isha Classical Hatha Yoga Daily practices.


The vision to make contributions to human well-being directed her to plunge deeper into Yoga that not only transformed her into a new person at the physical and inner level but also  inspired her to “GET YOGAMAT ROLLING IN EACH ONE’S LIFE.”


Founder- Yogamat, Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher:

On completion of an intensive Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training of over 1,750 consolidated-hours from the elite Isha Foundation in Southern India founded by the Yogi and Mystic Sadhguru, Kadambini became competent and certified to impart this pure knowledge of Yoga globally in a variety of settings such as individual tutoring, group workshops, retreats, regular sessions, corporate programs.

This training has been devised by Sadhguru to create individuals to impart Yoga not just for theoretical understanding but as a living experience. Upon the completion of the program and after careful assessments Kadambini got certified to teach Isha Hatha Yoga practices to others. Designed by Sadhguru, the Hatha Yoga modules (ongoing sessions, workshops, individual tutoring) cover dimensions of Hatha Yoga that are not currently being taught anywhere else. A systematic methodology has been devised by Sadhguru for training teachers in organizing and conducting programs.


Surya kriya classes with Vishakha is my first experience with yoga. Before this, I was an extremely lazy person somehow wrestling my way through the cut-throat corporate world. I was defocused, restless and always exasperating. Today after 40 days of taking this class I am a changed person. The changes in me are phenomenal. I feel free and relaxed all the time. There is a calmness in me now. I am more flexible and energetic. the progression of my sadhana seems to appear smooth and natural with time.

I can’t thank Vishakha enough for her efforts to improve our lives. She is an extremely diligent teacher who gives personal attention to all.Sumati Bhattacharjee, Corporate Professional


Kadambini has successfully conducted training programs for notable Fortune 500 organizations and trained numerous people from all walks of life whether it be Corporate professionals, Students, Homemakers, Doctors, Business owners, Young adults, Defense officers and Corporate Leaders.  She has been consistently conducting group workshops and has been recognized for her consultative and compassionate approach, dedication towards teaching. These Yoga programs have been completed in formats of comprehensive workshops customized to the needs of the group or the individual. In her range and variety of Yoga workshops completed for diverse Isha Yoga practices, she has been recognized by the participants for her dedication towards teaching, inclusive of practice understanding and details. Her approach to teaching is consultative and involves identifying the needs of the participant that involves a teleconsultation and information exchange to identify the appropriate practice for the participant.


To a logical mind, only one thing can transform- EXPERIENCE. Driven and inspired by my physical, psychological and emotional transformations, I conceived Yogamat to share this “experiential science of Yoga” with the world that is “highly relevant” and “urgent” for today’s ways and pace of life.


In choosing this unconventional path after a mainstream, rising corporate career rests her intention of serving and empowering others with the most potent tool that helped her in turning around her own health conditions and life. She happily transmits Yogic practices in a variety of settings such as individual tutoring, Corporate workshops, retreats, regular sessions and leadership programs. Sharing this potent science through content and speaking engagements is a part of her passion.

With humble beginnings, she is still exploring the “joy of teaching.”

Watch her experience in “Making of a Hatha Yogi.”